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Welcome to  Geraldine Steel Gallery Manufacturing

With over 20 years of experience in the Wrought Iron and Glass Works field, we provide the best service to create a one-of-a-kind work of art. Bringing your designs to life. Utilising genuine technologies with good workmanship to create a unique and high quality product.

Wrought Iron Railings


Glass Works


        Glass Railings, Clear Glass Railing, Tempered Glass Railing, Clear Tempered Glass Railing, Glass Stair Railing, Tempered Glass Stair Railing,Stair Glass Railing, Stair Clear Glass Railing, Stair Tempered Glass Railing, Balcony Glass, Glass Balcony, Balcony Glass Railing, Glass Balcony Railing, Balcony Clear Glass Railing, Balcony Tempered Glass, Balcony Tempered Glass Railing, Balcony Clear Glass Railing, Balcony Clear Tempered Glass Railing, Curved Glass, Bent Glass, Curved Glass Stair Railing, Curved Glass Balcony, Curved Glass Balcony Railing, Curved Tempered Glass Railing, Textured Glass, Architectural Glass,Frosted Tempered Glass, Textured Glass Railing, Textured Stair Glass, Textured Stair Glass Railing, Textured Glass Balcony, Textured Glass Balcony Railing, Glass Railing, Canopy Glass, Glass Roofing, Skylight Glass, Gazebo glass, Path walk Canopy Glass,  Canopy Roofing, Glass Shelves, Glass Wall, Glass Partition, Glass Mirror, Console Mirror, Glass Table, Glass Furniture, Curved Glass Display, Textured Glass Wall Design,  Glass Fences, Tempered Glass Fence.

Decorative Wrought Iron Railing
Wrought Iron Stair Railings
Wrought Iron Railings - Carousel
Wrought Iron Railings
Wrought Iron Gate - Carousel
Wrought Iron Railings
Wrought Iron Balcony - Carousel
Customized Wrought Iron Garage Gate

Wrought Iron


        Wrought Iron Railing, Customized Wrought Iron Railing, Decorative Wrought Iron Railing, Wrought Iron Gate, Wrought Iron Stair, Wrought Iron Balcony, Wrought Iron Fence, Wrought Iron Window, Wrought Iron Door, Wrought Iron Garage Gate & Pedestrian Gate, Wood Gate with Wrought Iron Frame, Wrought Iron Wood Finish Gate, Galvanized Wrought Iron Gate, Galvanized Wrought Iron Fence, Galvanized Wrought Iron Stairs & Windows,  Decorative Console Table, Decorative Wall Decor Design, Decorative Wrought Iron Steel Decor, Decorative Wrought Iron Lighting, Drainage Grills & Grates, Window Grills, Vehicular Gate, Winding Staircase, Baluster, Stair Baluster, Classic Design , Steel Iron Balcony & Gates , Steel Iron Windows & Doors, Steel Trusses, Console Table, Metal Furniture, Steel Iron Furniture,  Steel Iron Dining Table, Coffee Table, Side Table, Stool, Metal Chair, Steel Iron Chair, Stainless Table, Stainless Grills, Stainless Gate, Stainless Garage Gate, , Stainless Stair, Stainless Balcony, Stainless Railing and Bended Sheet Gate,

In need of Wrought Iron in the Philippines?

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In need of a Wrought Iron in Philippines?
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For security purposes, we the Geraldine Steelgallery Manufacturing company requires all clients who asked for site visit or meetings, to  ask an ID from our employees to prove/show that they are the authorized and the right person to deal with and to pursue quality  transactions. Effective henceforth, 20th of July 2017.Thank you very much! God bless!


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